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Solar cells thinner than wavelengths of light hold huge power potential

Ultra-thin solar cells can absorb sunlight more efficiently than the thicker, more expensive-to-make silicon cells used today, because light behaves differently at scales around a nanometer (a billionth of a meter), say engineers. They calculate that an organic polymer thin film could absorb as much as 10 times more energy from sunlight than was thought […]

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Mimicking nature, water-based ‘artificial leaf’ produces electricity

Scientists have shown that water-gel-based solar devices — “artificial leaves” — can act like solar cells to produce electricity. The findings prove the concept for making solar cells that more closely mimic nature. They also have the potential to be less expensive and more environmentally friendly than the current standard-bearer: silicon-based solar cells. View full […]

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Data clippers to set sail to enhance future planetary missions

A new golden age of sailing may be about to begin — in space. Future missions to explore the outer planets could employ fleets of ‘data-clippers’ — manoeuvrable spacecraft equipped with solar sails, to ship vast quantities of scientific data to back Earth. The technology could be ready in time to support mid-term missions to […]

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Funneling solar energy: Antenna made of carbon nanotubes could make photovoltaic cells more efficient

Using carbon nanotubes (hollow tubes of carbon atoms), chemical engineers have found a way to concentrate solar energy 100 times more than a regular photovoltaic cell. Such nanotubes could form antennas that capture and focus light energy, potentially allowing much smaller and more powerful solar arrays. View full post on ScienceDaily: Solar Energy News

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DIY Solar Panels-Build Your Own Solar Panels?

DIY SOLAR PANELS – Solar panels are expensive to install. But with rising energy bills, DIY solar panels are looking increasingly attractive. Making your own solar panels might the answer. Finding Earth 4 Energy’s video and ebook course, I wondered if building my own solar panels was something that I could do. Their claim is […]

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200-fold boost in fuel cell efficiency advances ‘personalized energy systems’

The era of personalized energy systems — in which individual homes and small businesses produce their own energy for heating, cooling and powering cars — took another step toward reality as scientists reported discovery of a powerful new catalyst that is a key element in such a system. The advance could help free homes and […]

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