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Planar power: Flat sodium-nickel chloride battery could improve performance, cost of energy storage

A redesign of sodium-nickel chloride batteries promises to overcome some of the obstacles long associated with rechargeable batteries. Replacing their typical cylindrical shape with a flat disc design allows the battery to deliver 30 percent more power at lower temperatures, according to new research. Scientists say these sodium-beta batteries could eventually be used in electricity […]

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Turning waste heat into power

Physicists have discovered a new way of harvesting waste heat and turning it into electrical power. Taking advantage of quantum effects, the technology holds great promise for making cars, power plants, factories and solar panels more efficient. View full post on ScienceDaily: Solar Energy News

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Solar cells thinner than wavelengths of light hold huge power potential

Ultra-thin solar cells can absorb sunlight more efficiently than the thicker, more expensive-to-make silicon cells used today, because light behaves differently at scales around a nanometer (a billionth of a meter), say engineers. They calculate that an organic polymer thin film could absorb as much as 10 times more energy from sunlight than was thought […]

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Solar Energy Power learn how you can use solar energy power to zero out your energy bill, water your animals, and a host of other useful projects. Download a FREE e-book filled with tips on solar energy power when you visit our site. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated) Related posts on Energy The Energy Implications of Murkowski's […]

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Saving Energy with Solar Power : Using Solar Panels for Energy

How do I use solar panels for energy? Learn about saving energy in your home with natural or solar power in this free video. Expert: Peter Bonenberger Contact: Bio: Peter Bonenberger and his wife founded a non-profit organization called the Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation. They have members from all over the country and […]

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Green energy is the new status symbol. Solar energy is free, clean, and limitless and it is all yours when you install a solar energy system. Solar Homeowners are proud to own homes and business that produce no pollution and conserve natural resources. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated) Related posts on Power Jan Wildeboer » […]

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HQRP 6 Watt Solar Panel 6W Power 12V Monocrystalline PV Module plus HQRP Coaster

HQRP® Solar Panel plus HQRP® Coaster; High-efficient 6w solar panel (size of 5w); Maximum Power Voltage:16.8V;Open Circuit Voltage:21.4V;Maximum Power Current: 0.30A; Short Circuit Current: 0.40A; Dimensions: 254x294x23 mm;High-efficient solar cells construction; Light anodized aluminum frame;Junction box is protected by silicone from moisture. 1 Year Full Quality Warranty! 10 Years Limited Power Performance Warranty. Product DescriptionProducts […]

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Rally 7470 Portable 8 in 1 Jump Start Power Pack with Solar Charging Panel

Solar panel provides emergency power for USB powered products and trickle charges battery Jump start any 12 volt battery quickly and safely 260 PSI air compressor for high pressure inflation of tires and more 12 volt power source to operate and recharge fans, spotlights, vacuums, and more Magnetic LED work light with built-in emergency flasher […]

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HQRP 30W Flexible Solar Panel Power 30 Watt 12V Mono-crystalline PV Module for RV Boat Yacht plus HQRP Coaster

HQRP® Flexible Solar Panel plus HQRP® Coaster; Rated Power: 30W; Maximum Power Voltage: 18V; Open Circuit Voltage: 20.7V; Maximum Power Current: 1.667A; Short Circuit Current: 1.783A; Dimensions: 850x400x2.5 mm; High-efficient solar cells construction; Light and Durable; Laminated for Weather Resistance; Junction box is protected by silicone from ingress of moisture. 1 Year Warranty! Product DescriptionProducts […]

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