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Three Things to Consider Before Buying Solar Panels

 Three Things to Consider Before Buying Solar Panels

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Solar Panels…There’s much talk about solar energy solving the world’s energy problems. But wouldn’t it be smart to know if there are any dangers or hidden negative issues before starting a large project? Here are 3 things to consider before you spend your money:

1) Toxic materials.

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DIY Solar Panels-Build Your Own Solar Panels?

DIY SOLAR PANELS – Solar panels are expensive to install. But with rising energy bills, DIY solar panels are looking increasingly attractive. Making your own solar panels might the answer.

Finding Earth 4 Energy’s video and ebook course, I wondered if building my own solar panels was something that I could do. Their claim is that their course “allows the average person to explore solar and wind power.”

The course consists of 9 professional-quality videos. There’s also an ebook as well.

First things first. The safety advice is excellent. Electricity is dangerous and deserves respect. The safety video taught me everything I need to know to stay safe.

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Top 5 Benefits of Using Solar Energy

As policy makers and scientists both focus on sustainable development, the use of green energy becomes an increasing interest. One popular method of generating clean power is through solar energy. Here are some of the top benefits.

1 – Endless Resource

The sun will be burning for millions and millions of years, and no matter how much we collect of the rays, there are still more tomorrow. This is very different from fossil fuels—coal, oil, natural gas. Since they take eons to form, once they are gone, they are gone. Even trees, which can be considered renewable because they grow back, are not an endless resource. Our consumption of trees is far faster than they can grow, and old growth forests have specific biodiversity value that cannot be replaced. The fact that solar energy is a renewable resource makes it an environmentally friendly alternative.

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